C'mon... WAKE UP

I have relatives with Down's Syndrome. Haven't seen them in years, but I'd know there was something different about them even if I'd never met them before. I know that because that was my first thought during my first meeting with them... and I was a kid then.

Some police officers in the Miami - Dade area need some training. Training to to identify people with Downs Syndrome is probably the easiest of the training they need.

If you aren't interested in clicking through on the link, here is the short version, followed by my commentary.

A cop spots a guy with a "bulge" in his pants. The Cop decides he has a RIGHT to know what that bulge is.

Exactly where does this cops right to know come from? Public Safety? It can't be that because the US Supreme Court has ruled that police officers have no legal obligation to protect anyone not ALREADY in the custody of the police officer.

So, back to Miami and the endangering bulge.

The cop tells the guy to stop. The guy stops, probably thinking the cops wants to talk or ask something. When the cop attempts to feel the guy up, he takes off.

The cop must have looked at the guy. He had to. He's a cop. He is supposedly TRAINED to notice things.

Am I supposed to believe he didn't see this guy had Downs Syndrome? Am I supposed to believe that at the age of 8, I had more ability to determine a "difference" than a supposedly trained professional... a "professional" paid by the public to look for differences?

Well, he either didn't notice, or he more than likely didn't fucking care. After all... he has a badge. His opinions supposedly carry more weight in a court of law... yet he was "retarded" enough to not even notice the guy had Downs Syndrome before he beat him.

Oh... did I get ahead of myself?

Yeah. When the cop finally caught the bulging pants bandit, and then hit him a couple of times, he FINALLY realized the guy had Downs Syndrome. Yeah... right.

But at least the cop protected the citizens of Miami - Dade from the horror of the bulge in the pants of the guy with Downs Syndrome.

I mean, who knows what that asshole was planning with that COLOSTOMY BAG. The horror was averted. You are safe. Go back to scrolling along the world wide web. This attack was averted.

Come on people. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

We The People. We own this. We allow this. You! Me!

You need to yell about this shit. I do.

They work for us. All of us. That means if you don't complain, you condone your EMPLOYEES assaulting people against the laws of the US Constitution.

Speak out. Ask for these assholes to be held accountable and FOLLOW IT UP.

A cop beat a guy with Downs Syndrome for having a colostomy bag. I AM NOT FINE WITH THAT!


Superdave said...

Oh I agree with you Old Fart. But you see we live around and beside lazy fucks who don't want to have to get off their fat asses and do something. They want people like you and me to do all the work.

This sort of crap has to stop. But unless we can get a majority of the people to stand up with us and get mean and loud then nothing will happen.